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I RECOMMEND and "challenge" finding a team with better cost-effectiveness!
Alexander Willy - CEO | Wexp

The Wexp is a platform for controlling and reducing administrative costs incurred by employees of companies. Through it, companies offer their employees mobility management solutions (DRIVER and KM) and expense management (EXPEN), automating processes in a simple and efficient manner.


Desafio de negócio

Khipo has been entrusted to carry out the development of financial system products for corporate benefits, urban mobility, travel, accommodation, and reimbursement, along with maintenance, sustainability, and N1 and N2 support for platforms and clients.



Our approach encompasses all stages, from development to ongoing support, ensuring that our partner has access to world-class solutions that simplify processes, save time and resources, and provide an exceptional user experience. We are committed to providing continuous innovation and expertise in advanced technology so that Wexp can continue to grow and succeed.



Creation of the Driver, Expen, and Pay Wexp Products with over 3 million monthly transactions and more than 50,000 active users.