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Engage is a startup offering a learning environment platform that is innovative, lightweight, and stimulating. It is completely flexible, allowing for the creation and management of learning environments tailored to your company's needs.


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With Khipo's expertise in web and mobile solutions and applications, we developed a social network for our client, aimed at creating business opportunities and facilitating the exchange of services.



Based on our expertise in web and mobile solutions and applications, we successfully developed a social network for our client. The objective was to connect business opportunities and facilitate the exchange of services. The results were remarkable, as the social network not only connected business opportunities but also promoted valuable interactions between users. This led to a significant increase in the exchange of services and successful collaborations. Furthermore, the platform created a conducive environment for our client's business growth, generating a positive impact on their operations. Through our work, we demonstrated Khipo's ability to create effective solutions that meet our clients' needs and drive their business success.