Web & Mobile Development

Betsul is a sports betting website that offers live streaming, cash-out options, and other resources for customers to make more informed bets.


Desafio de negócio

Khipo developed a bespoke application for Android and iOS, designed to serve Betsul's customers who are passionate about sports betting.



With our experience in mobile technology and gaming, we created an intuitive and engaging platform that provides users with an exciting, convenient, and real-time betting experience. Users can access essential information easily, all at their fingertips. This is a clear example of how we turn ideas into reality, offering an app that meets the expectations of sports enthusiasts.



With Khipo's expertise in mobile technology and gaming, we developed a tailor-made application for Android and iOS for Betsul's sports betting enthusiasts. The results were evident and impactful. The application provided users with an exciting and convenient betting experience, offering real-time information at their fingertips. This significantly increased Betsul's customer engagement and satisfaction.