Cloud Infrastructure

BAUR is one of the world's leading companies in the field of test and measurement technology, with over 75 years of experience in the market. Present in several countries, its list of satisfied customers includes most of the world's energy suppliers.


Desafio de negócio

Khipo was responsible for developing an advanced ERP that revolutionized commercial and operational management.



Our goal was clear: automate processes to improve performance and provide our client's users with an exceptional experience. With this solution, we not only simplify complex tasks but also provide results through intuitive dashboards and detailed reporting histories. We execute enterprise resource planning, which empowers our partners to make informed decisions, drive efficiency, and reach new levels of success.



The development of advanced ERP by Khipo brought transformative results to our client's commercial and operational management. The impacts are clear and evident. Process automation has led to a significant improvement in the company's performance, simplifying complex tasks and providing an exceptional experience for users. Intuitive dashboards and detailed reporting histories provide tangible results that help make informed decisions. By implementing enterprise resource planning, our solution has empowered our partners to drive efficiency and reach new heights of success. Khipo's ERP has proven to be a valuable instrument in the pursuit of operational excellence and optimization of business processes.