It was a great pleasure to have found the company Khipo, which provided us with personalized and innovative technology solutions to improve our financial and business processes.
Caio Guedes, Commercial and Relationship Head | Pophaus

About the project

Arcade Haus, inaugurated in Brazil in 2017, marks a new era in entertainment by blending leisure, adventure, and physical activity. Since its inception, our mission has been to bring joy and excitement into the lives of all visitors.


Desafio de negócio

Featuring an infinite number of game combinations and difficulty levels, each lasting one to three minutes, our platform offers a journey of immersive and rewarding entertainment. A standout feature of this project is the technological vests and embedded artificial intelligence in the game rooms, which individually track each player's score and progress. This personalized approach enables players to continually compete, improve, and enjoy engaging and rewarding challenges.



Khipo took on the challenge of creating Arcade Haus, pioneering the fully immersive gaming center concept in Latin America. Leveraging our team's expertise in cutting-edge technologies, we developed an innovative gaming platform that delivers high-tech experiences, challenging players' physical and mental agility across a diverse array of games.



Brazilian patent  technology delivered to Arcade Haus.