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Victor Hugo - CEO and Founder | Ager Solution

Ager Solution is a platform dedicated to transforming Agribusiness, with a strong focus on Precision Agriculture as a pivotal tool for producers' success. By leveraging advanced technologies such as sensors, drones, and artificial intelligence, Ager Solution empowers farmers to make precise decisions, enhance production, and promote sustainable agricultural practices. This approach ensures food security and sustainable development within the sector.


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Khipo's collaboration with Ager Solution encompasses a wide spectrum of activities, from capturing satellite data and climate information to processing critical metrics like NDVI and NDWI. Additionally, we have implemented Artificial Intelligence and designed both the administrative portal for farmers and the institutional website.



Khipo has pioneered a revolutionary platform that integrates cutting-edge technologies including Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning. This platform is designed to comprehensively analyze field data, capturing specific insights about crops and external factors influencing cultivation. Now accessible via mobile devices, this technology empowers farmers with complete control over their properties. The success of this project underscores Khipo's commitment to delivering technological solutions that add substantial value and drive business growth for our partners.



Khipo's achievement with its innovative platform represents a significant breakthrough in the industry. By employing advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning, our platform delivers the following resultsData Analysis:

Thorough Data Analysis: Khipo's platform enables thorough analysis of field data, providing specific insights into crops and external factors affecting cultivation.

Accessibility and User-Friendliness: This technological expertise is now easily accessible to farmers through their mobile devices, empowering them with convenient control over their agricultural operations.

Enhanced Decision-Making: Detailed data analysis equips farmers to make informed decisions, optimizing agricultural efficiency and productivity.

Risk Mitigation: By understanding key factors impacting crops, farmers can proactively manage risks such as pests, diseases, and adverse weather conditions.

Empowering Farmers: Khipo's platform puts the power of property management directly into the hands of farmers, fostering sustainability and efficiency within the agricultural sector.

In conclusion, Khipo's results demonstrate our capability to equip farmers with advanced tools for optimizing agricultural practices, making informed decisions, and effectively addressing challenges through an accessible and user-friendly platform.