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Adsoft is a company founded in 1994 in Teixeira de Freitas, Bahia, which stood out in the business management software market. With more than 2,000 active customers, the company has built a history of success over 25 years, winning awards and expanding its operations across the country, offering personalized solutions for various commercial sectors.


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Khipo was entrusted to lead their digital transformation journey, where our objective was to modernize the client's existing system by empowering them with a robust and updated architecture that would open doors for significant expansion in their range of service delivery.



Through our experience and dedication, we delivered a solution that not only met the client's present needs, but also laid the foundation for a future of innovation and exponential growth. This is a concrete example of how Khipo stands out in empowering companies to face the challenges of the digital era, generating value and enabling unlimited opportunities.



Khipo was tasked with leading the client's digital transformation process, the objective of which was to modernize the existing system. The result of this effort was empowering the client with a robust and updated architecture, which opened the door for a significant expansion in its range of service provision. The main results obtained are the following:

System Modernization: Khipo was successful in modernizing the client's existing system. This involved updating technologies and processes, making the technological infrastructure more efficient and adapted to current challenges.

Robust Architecture: The robust architecture implemented allowed the client to rely on a solid foundation for its digital operations. This resulted in greater stability, scalability, and ability to adapt to market changes.

Expansion of Services: The digital transformation led by Khipo opened doors for a significant expansion in the services offered by the client. This may include new products, functionalities, or even entry into new markets.

Operational Efficiency: The modernization of the system and the adoption of an updated architecture contributed to greater operational efficiency. Internal processes have become more agile and effective, reducing costs and improving productivity.

Reinforced Competitiveness: Digital transformation has strengthened the customer's position in the market, making them more competitive. With a modern technological infrastructure, the client is more prepared to face challenges and stand out in their sector.

In summary, Khipo achieved significant results by leading the client's digital transformation journey, modernizing its system and empowering it with a robust architecture. These results not only improved operational efficiency but also positioned the client for a future of expansion and growth in its service delivery.

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Adsoft TV could even be a channel for you to find out about how much management systems are capable of contributing to your business, but it is much more. In addition to gathering informative content from the company, you will find the words of experts with practical tips that will help you in your daily life and also, what other Adsoft customers, entrepreneurs like you, have to say about their experiences.

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