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We provide a digital supply platform tailored for independent food franchises and food service networks aiming to enhance operational efficiency and control Cost of Goods Sold (COGS). Our platform seamlessly connects Industry, Distributors, Suppliers, and Credit in a fully digital B2B purchasing format. This integration ensures optimal experiences in physical supply management and delivers tangible results for franchise networks and food service operators alike.


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Khipo successfully integrated the robust 6Place systems with agile payment methods such as Pix, Credit Card, and Boleto. This achievement was made possible through the expertise of our team and leveraging the Safe2Pay platform.



This project exemplified our excellence in action, showcasing our creation of an integration microservice expertly developed using Node.js and Nest.js technologies. This collaboration has not only streamlined payment operations for our customers but also enhanced their efficiency, enabling them to concentrate on strategic objectives within an advanced ecosystem.



Khipo successfully integrated the robust 6Place systems with agile Pix, Credit Card, and Boleto payment methods, leveraging the expertise of its team and the Safe2Pay platform. Here are the key results achieved:

Operational Efficiency: The integration significantly enhanced operational efficiency by streamlining payment processes. This improvement is crucial for ensuring smooth and quick transactions, thereby enhancing overall operational performance and customer satisfaction.

Diversification of Payment Options: Khipo expanded its payment offerings, providing customers with a range of options from modern Pix to traditional Boleto. This increased flexibility and convenience empower customers to choose their preferred method, thereby improving their payment experience.

Financial Security: Utilizing the Safe2Pay platform reinforced the security of financial transactions. This robust platform enhances transaction safety, protecting both Khipo and its customers from potential fraud and payment-related risks.

Increased Customer Satisfaction: The successful integration and diverse payment options contribute to higher customer satisfaction. Customers find it easier and more convenient to complete transactions, which can lead to improved loyalty and trust in Khipo's services.

Boost in Transactions: Offering multiple payment methods has the potential to increase transaction volumes. This not only boosts revenue potential for Khipo but also supports business expansion by facilitating more transactions.

In summary, Khipo's integration of 6Place systems with Pix, Credit Card, and Boleto payment methods, supported by Safe2Pay, has delivered efficiency gains, diversified payment options, enhanced security, improved customer satisfaction, and growth opportunities. These achievements underscore Khipo's dedication to providing comprehensive and satisfactory payment solutions for its customers and partners.