Web & Mobile Development

Autoday is part of the Kovr ecosystem, one of the main insurance companies in the country with more than 45 years of experience in the market. It operates as an insurance platform where users can purchase vehicle insurance and activate it only on the days they intend to use their vehicles.


Desafio de negócio

Khipo was entrusted with developing a hybrid application for contracting insurance services for minor breakdowns.



Through this application, we offer users the convenience of easily obtaining quotes, contracting insurance, and efficiently registering claims, all at their fingertips. Utilizing cutting-edge technology for this project, the solution developed in collaboration with Autoday delivers an exceptional user experience, streamlining the insurance process and enhancing customer satisfaction.



Khipo achieved significant results through the development of a hybrid application for contracting insurance services related to minor breakdowns. This project enhanced user experience by simplifying processes such as obtaining quotes, purchasing insurance, and registering claims. The use of cutting-edge technology in collaboration with Autoday ensured a seamless and efficient insurance experience, allowing customers to manage their insurance needs conveniently through the innovative application. The improvements made by Khipo have led to increased efficiency in the process of contracting insurance for minor breakdowns, enhancing customer satisfaction and solidifying Khipo's position in the insurance market.