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Challenges of Multiplatform Development

Discover the advantages of cross-platform mobile app development, saving time and resources to reach a wider audience.

Cross-platform mobile app development has gained prominence in the technology world, offering an effective solution for companies and developers looking to create apps that work on different operating systems, such as iOS and Android. One of the main advantages of cross-platform development is saving time and resources. Instead of creating separate applications for each platform, shared codebases can be used, considerably reducing development costs. This approach can be very beneficial for businesses as it allows them to reach a wider audience by making apps available across multiple platforms.

Maintenance of cross-platform applications is also simplified. With a single codebase, updates and fixes can be implemented faster and more efficiently, ensuring a consistent experience for users across all platforms. This not only saves resources but also improves customer satisfaction.

There are several advanced tools and frameworks available, like React Native and Flutter, to create high-quality applications. However, cross-platform development also presents challenges. Performance may vary compared to native apps, and there may be limitations in accessing specific device features such as sensors or native functions. Additionally, ensuring a consistent user experience across platforms can be challenging, as design and interaction guidelines can differ between iOS and Android. It is essential to find the right professionals capable of delivering quality despite these challenges.

Prepared to face all challenges, Khipo, in partnership with Ager, an agribusiness startup, created a platform that uses artificial intelligence, Big Data, machine learning, and deep learning. The application's objective was to analyze data collected through technologies implemented in the field, each capturing specific information about the crop and external factors affecting planting. By leveraging these factors, Ager could manage its property efficiently. Khipo worked on creating the Ager Solution system, from capturing satellite and climate data, processing and calculating metrics (NDVI, NDWI), and implementing artificial intelligence, to designing the administrative portal for farmers and the institutional website (landing page).

In conclusion, cross-platform mobile app development offers significant advantages like saving time and resources and reaching a broader market. However, it also presents challenges related to performance and access to device-specific features. With Khipo, you no longer need to worry about developing applications and software. Our expertise in advanced tools and languages helps you choose the ideal resources for your company according to your needs. With our partnership, we carefully evaluate and design web applications to ensure their success on all target platforms.